Links to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Related Sites

Indoor Air Quality - Testing and Remediation Services

MCS For Beginners - The Multiple Chemical Sensitivites Primer. Where to start looking for information about MCS.

Chemical Injury Info Network - Support and advocacy organization. Publishes "Our Toxic Times"

Chemfinder will scare the wits out of your. This is a good search engine for locating information about specific chemicals.

Environmental Health Network - CA non profit agency for those disabled by chem. injury.Advocacy,newsletter,etc.

Feingold MCS Pure Facts Site - Product hazards and suggested solutions

MCS Referral & Resources - MCS facts, advocacy, scientific articles, referral service

NCCIN Web Page - North Carolina Chemical Injury Network

NIEHS Web Site - National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences - info and research

UKOPRP Web Site - UK based National Foundation For The Chemically Hypersensitive

Lassen Technologies - Resources for the Chemically Injured

Health & Environment Resource Center - steps you can take to improve the health and well-being of yourself and your family

Allergy tips from a fellow allergy sufferer - a voice of experience perspective and some very good links.

CQS Health and Environment - was developed to provide you with up-to-date, comprehensive information about health, fitness, and the environment and their intimate connection.

Yahoo's Multiple Chemical Sensitivity links - Lots of links and places to explore


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