Environmental Residence And Hotel

For People With Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS)

Quality Assurance Agreement

The owners of the The Natural Place strive to provide a friendly, comfortable and peaceful respite for environmentally sensitive people. We will use all reasonable efforts to uphold our promise to you. However, because of the wide range of allergens that may affect a person, we make no guarantees regarding the suitability of the property for any guest and we are not responsible for conditions occuring on neighboring properties or for any conditions not within our control. Please help us create the atmosphere we wish to provide our guests by adhering to the following agreement.


Each apartment has one parking space in the front of the building. Please don't pull your car so close to the building as to prevent other guests from walking between the car and the building. If you have a guest or a second car, please park it behind your car. Please don't allow the second car to extend into the roadway.


Do not store or leave objects on the patio or use the patio for out-gassing items.


Efficiency units are to be occupied by no more than one (1) overnight guest. One bedroom units are to be occupied by no more than three (3) overnight guests


Scented products, including those naturally scented, can cause serious allergic reactions to our guests and are not to be used or brought onto the property. Do not bring clothes which have been washed in scented detergents or fabric softeners, which have perfume on them, or which have any degree of mildew. Do not use cologne, perfume or any scented make-up, soaps, lotions, sun tan products, shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, deodorant, etc. Do not bring any products that have scents in or on them; magazines, toys, etc.


DO NOT USE PESTICIDES only use Borax, Boric Acid or Taro. Pesticides will penetrate the walls and furniture, drift into other units and cause SERIOUS allergic reactions.


SMOKING ANYWHERE ON THE PROPERTY IS PROHIBITED. Please wash all smoke laden clothing before bringing it into your unit.


NO PETS shall be brought onto the property for any length of time.


Upon arrival you will find your unit stocked with clean linens. You are responsible for washing them during your stay.


Washers and dryers are located in the rear of the building. DO NOT use fabric softners, scented detergents, bleaches or vinegar. Use only baking soda, Borax, washing soda, 7th Generation free and clear, or Alan's, if you wish to use another product, please check with management before using it. Never place in the machine any clothes that have retained detergent or softener scent. Please use cold water whenever possible because the washers draw from the water heater for units 3 and 4. We don't want to leave them in a cold shower! Remove wash from machines as soon as done to allow others access.


Upon your arrival you will find your unit clean. Guests are responsible for cleaning the unit during their stay.


WiFi is not permitted on premises.


Checkout time is 10:00 AM. The unit should be broom swept and no dirty dishes should be left in the sink. We will wash the linens and prepare the room for our next guest. Please leave your unit keys in the mailbox upon checkout. Late checkouts shall be only with consent of the management and there will be an additional charge.

The management reserves the right to refuse accomodations to any person(s), or to reject any guest who violates this agreement or engages in conduct which is disruptive, contrary to the purpose and essence of The Natural Place, or endangers the health, saftey or welfare of our other guests. These rules are established pursuant to Chapter 509, Florida Statues, a current copy of which is available in the office for public review.

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